Harvest Festival – An Alternative Viewpoint

Yesterday, I was cordially invited to a Men’s Breakfast at Saint Bees Priory led by Simon Walker. Many things were discussed, about bumper harvests and feeding the poor, and being better stewards of this planet God gave us by being more environmentally friendly by using less/no plastics and trying to be more self sufficient. Then, … Continue reading Harvest Festival – An Alternative Viewpoint


The TUFFest Ride (Part 1 of 5)

Okay, I wasn't one of the five writers selected by the judges for this TUFFest ride; however I was shortlisted and have been encouraged by Charli to participate... so here goes. "We begin the TUFFest Ride with a free-write. You have five days to draft 297 words to the prompt: mudslide. Your technical challenge is … Continue reading The TUFFest Ride (Part 1 of 5)