That Evening

This one hundred word flash fiction story of mine has been inspired by my reading and enjoyment of the flash fiction stories posted on The Drabble.



Kelvin M. Knight

What a vile day! She forced him to accompany her dog walking. He dragged his crutch as far as it would go. Millimetres felt like miles. He hauled his twisting leg. Panting, he repeated this on his right side. Two more steps and sweat poured from his brow. He couldn’t mop it because of the crutches. These bloody crutches! Hearing their dog bark joyfully made him howl. On the shoreline his wife turned, paused, waved at him. She was silhouetted by an amazing sunset: purples, pinks, greys. He forced his crutches to move again, heading toward kissing that glorious sight.

(100 words)


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