Parking the Shades

Photo Prompt © Kent Bonham

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here.

And here is my one hundred word flash fiction offering. I hope you enjoy reading, and commenting, on each others’ flash fiction stories and mine – if you are so moved. Thank you for stopping by.



Kelvin M Knight

He parked her car in the shade as instructed but the sunlight still poured inside. So much light he fidgeted, despite the all-round tinted windows. They were the same deep hue as her sunglasses, those dark lenses that lived on her head. People claimed she was a movie star, said he was her bodyguard. If only they knew. How she looked when those sunglasses rose and fell asleep in her fine grey hair. If only they could see what he saw in her rear-view mirror now. The lightness and darkness of her soul, twisting. Pain sinking. Love floating.

(100 words)


33 thoughts on “Parking the Shades

  1. Lovely observational piece, Kelvin. A little snapshot from behind the smoky glass, to see what is so rarely seen. You’ve captured a little of their complex relationship in so few words – nicely done 🙂

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    1. Oh, thank you Nan, for such a lovely comment and the Wow! If only you knew what that meant to me!

      I don’t recognise your name from the Friday Fictioneers I’ve read, liked and commented on yet but I am nearly at the end of the 75 posts for that arch prompt and the 52 for this prompt (so far). Hopefully I’ll see you again soon…


    1. Hey, granoine, thanks for your comment. For a piece concentrating on light and darkness, things aren’t black and white, and there are lots of shades of grey. Questions are good. Sorry if too many stopped you from enjoying this character piece. I am not sure what you mean by must finish this… this is a flash fiction piece… there is no novel being built around it, or longer short story just this flash fiction story driven (pun intended, yeoch) by Rochelle’s photo prompt. Sorry.

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      1. My questions didn’t prevent my enjoyment of the piece at all. I just have this inquiring mind 🙂 I understand this is flash fiction, not meant to be the precursor of something longer, but you have to admit your little story could give rise to a very interesting longer story.

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