A Writer’s Life

Thank you to everyone for joining in this week (21/07/17), and reading / liking / commenting on each other’s stories. You do not have to be a Friday Fictioneer to read/like/comment on the stories on offer so please do, there is a mix of styles and storylines all inspired by the same photo. This week provided by © Kent Bonham

Thanks, as ever, to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

The following one hundred word flash fiction is my third story based around this week’s photo prompt, and having read all seventy two stories on offer thus far, without seeing a similar storyline, it just had to be done…



Kelvin M. Knight

She sat in her car, chewing a biro. No words formed. She thumped the steering wheel, then mopped her brow with her forearm. This heat. Unbelievable. This opening paragraph of her next bestseller, unimaginable. Even here, in the shade, with the air conditioning on full. This was her favourite spot for inspiration, not perspiration.

‘One hit wonder. One hit blunder.’

Repeating the unfavourable reviews choked her; blunder woman had been her nickname at school, her nickname throughout life.

Life, she mused, then found herself scribbling: Life drove Ruth off the clifftop, but she survived. By divine intervention she survived unscathed.

(100 words)


13 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life

  1. I was thumping the steering wheel with her. Inspiration often comes from life. In this case, I hope the idea was enough to get her writing and she didn’t have to drive off the cliff – you’re ending leaves it nicely open to interpretation.

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  2. The story is a cute. How many times we are affected with the negative reviews. I wish, she will take it positively and use the criticism to improve her writing so she becomes wonder woman instead of blunder woman.

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  3. Dear Kelvin,

    Someone is inspired this week. 😉 At least she’s writing about suicide rather than committing it. The mark of a gifted writer…taking those raw emotions and turning them into a story. Love it.



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