Even He Might Have An Off Day

Photo Prompt © Kent Bonham

Thank you to everyone for joining in this week, and for those who have read my first Friday Fictioneers story, and another thank you for those gracious enough to like and/or comment each others’ stories. Thank you to our host, Rochelle, for steering us every week, week on week. It is in part due to her multiple posts on this week’s photograph, and spending all day yesterday reading a backlog of posts from you wonderfully supportive and encouraging Friday Fictioneers, that my second flash fiction story on this week’s photograph surfaced. I hope it’s not too close to the bone for some of us.



Kelvin M. Knight

He nudged the car into the bush at precisely the correct angle and smiled because he enjoyed being creative. If you didn’t enjoy creativity what was the point?

He pointed at rainforests and leaves danced. He lifted one hand and every tree painted poetry upon the sky. He clapped and clouds parted gracefully, truth unfolded majestically. He tapped his foot and hate and resentment were a grain of sand. He laughed and forgiveness and compassion became rooted in everything. Sin composted. Peace blossomed. Love became air.

Creating this would be easy.

But enjoyable?

Sighing, he nudged another car towards faith.

(100 words)


22 thoughts on “Even He Might Have An Off Day

  1. What a soulful tale told in a fascinating format. Poetry in motion I must say and who would have thought that this one guy would light up lives and show so many the way.
    Loved it Kelvin. Thank you for your awe-inspiring piece of fiction. Seemed so very real.

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