Photo Prompt © Dale Rogerson



Kelvin M. Knight

Inside every cardboard box was a bunch of plastic flowers. What trickery was this? Did he think she was a fool? He’d promised her a way home!

She knelt down, pressed her forehead into the ground. Getting emotional solved nothing. These cardboard boxes with their plastic flowers meant something.

‘But what,’ she sang.

Clues surrounded her. They filled her mind, no matter how softly she chanted his homecoming incantation… words of power, turning ink into steel, and unrolling parchment into armies. His anger. Always. And power.

Regarding these flowers, she saw her life was fake, over there, in his world.

(100 words)

Thank you to everyone for joining in this week (04/08/17), and reading / liking / commenting on each other’s stories. You don’t have to be a Friday Fictioneer to read / like / comment on the stories so please don’t be shy, there is a mix of styles and storylines all inspired by the same photo.

Thanks, as ever, to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers so congenially.


26 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. Hmmmm. I can’t get my mind around a lot of this. I have read it several times. Probably a more impressionistic than a literal approach. Am I close?

    Sounds like an author’s life — turning ink into steel, parchments into armies. 🙂

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    1. Perhaps, yes, but not intentionally. And yes, turning ink into steel could indeed be an author’s life. I had not thought of that take. For me, the key is the homecoming chant, implying something magical tied to the ink into steel text you quoted. Thank you for offering how you don’t understand. Maybe something more concrete is needed to anchor her and him as otherworlders despite the other world comment in last line…


  2. Interesting and I’m not sure I quite get it. Sorry. The story has a fairy tale feel, except for the plastic flowers, which make me think of cemeteries. This “words of power, turning ink into steel, and unrolling parchment into armies. His anger. Always. And power.” makes me think of kings with too much power. All-in-all the story makes me hope she gets away from him. (Please enlighten me. I’m truly interested or truly dense.)

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  3. Oh Kelvin, your writings are so prolific, finding it hard to keep up, especially on a Sunday morning, and I being stranded and so far away……..Ha, I’m lucky to do one new writing a fortnight, the old brain cells, just a bit slower these days….

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  4. Wow!s Two for the price of one 🙂 This one leaves me weaving all sorts of ideas into the setting you’ve created. A lot of magic. I taught English for many years. This would make an excellent prompt for an essay assignment

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