the Transfiguration

This week Pegman takes us to the Nabatean Theater in Jordan.

Feel free to stroll around the area using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post. Note that there is both streetview and photospheres at this location.

I should have posted this story last night, on the 6th August, an important anniversary for many people. My story didn’t feel right, though – yesterday was a tough day where I found out someone else close to me had died, someone who offered so much, trained so diligently, but could not fully complete her lifelong wishes, again. God bless you, Christine, rest peacefully.



Kelvin M. Knight

The mouth of the tomb yawned. Panting, Carl saw nothing inside the darkness but more darkness. With his camera’s flash shining, he thought this tomb was trying to swallow him. Holding his camera like a rifle, Carl backed away. When that odd gift shop was before him, he breathed easier.

‘Un-can-nee?’ The shopkeeper grinned sheepishly.

Carl turned and faced the mountainous slope it had taken all morning to ascend. To visit this tomb. Which he now couldn’t enter. For goodness sake. What was he, a man or a mouse?

Looking for answers, Carl glared skyward. The clouds shone. A radiance gathered them together. Clouds layered themselves, sinking greyness upon the redness of rising rocks, forming a golden…

‘Face?’ gasped Carl.

A panoramic mouth smiled, opened, sang, melodies anointing the darkness behind him, inside him, with light enough for him to enter.

Back-pedalling, Carl took picture after picture.

(150 words)

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