Our True Selves

This week Pegman takes us to Wroclaw, Poland

And today, for the first time in this challenge, I felt free to stroll around the area using the Google street view. After getting lost, I found this interesting place and just had to snap it as the Narodoue Forum Muzyki (The National Music Forum) and its unusual sculptures inspired me to write the following story. I hope you enjoy this piece of flash fiction as much as I did writing it.



Kelvin M. Knight

The difficulty has always been holding our form. You help in that regard, although the majority of you are unaware of this; however, when you cast a glimpse our way, when you pause and tilt your head or suck in a lip as you regard us, something stirs deep inside.

These moments, no matter how fleeting for you, stretch from end to end for us, until there is no beginning or end. There is only now.

Now muzyki leaps from the building you flocked to. Music which first breathed life into us as day gasped into night. Music whose melodies bend straight lines into curves. Chords which stroke curves into limbs – legs not arms. It is only when multiple rhythms crescendo heavenward that our arms appear and stretch, back to back. Now our heads reform and gaze adoringly into the heavens.


Applause catapults us skyward. Humility sets you free.

(150 words)

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