This week Pegman takes us to Samjiyon, North Korea.

During my picture perusing, I was intrigued by the emptiness in every photograph I found. Never was this so apparent for me than in the Kim II-Sung university above. During subsequent research, I was surprised how zealous South Koreans were but not, reportedly, North Koreans. Tick tock, tick tock. Out popped this story. Hope you enjoy.



Kelvin M. Knight

Kyu-won glared at the shape he’d doodled. He should be writing a conclusion for his thesis, and yet there was nothing, until these words jumped into his head: There is strength in emptiness. There is weakness in fullness.

He thumped the notepaper. His doodling recommenced. Same shape. Bigger now. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to write: Their fulness satisfies them. Our emptiness frightens them.

‘Frightens me,’ he gasped, clapping his ears against more words.

His doodles came thick and fast, until that shape filling his heart filled the notepaper. He ripped up the notepaper. He wished he could rip out his heart. He was meant to be cementing the foundations for his life, not destroying everything.

‘Everything,’ he growled.

Amidst his anger, he saw something. He doodled that shape again. This time he wrote inside the cross: There is strength in weakness; joyfulness in faith, hope and love.

(150 words)

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