The Bread of Life

Photo prompt © Kelvin M. Knight

Hey fellow Friday Fictioneers. I’m sorry for not joining in fully these past couple of weeks – I have been commenting on as many people’s stories as possible that came through the WordPress App on my iPhone (basically those of you I follow).

Life has been so hectic of late. So so hectic. Thank you for those of you who have contacted me via email or through WordPress comments to check I am okay. I am really touched by your concern. I am okay – I’m in a good place – I have just had to put my energies elsewhere this last fortnight, and maybe for another couple of fortnights until loved ones are fully on the mend and family matters settled.

It’s not all dim light though – a magazine sent a celebrity photographer from London to do a photo shoot on me last week. Chris O’Donovan is such a lovely lovely guy and I know the pictures he took of me for the story I wrote for a magazine that has become a front page story will be exceptional. Gulp. My first professional photoshoot. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this exciting news with you?

I so want to spend more time on the photo prompt this week – especially as it is mine – but time is tight. As soon as this blog is done I have comments to incorporate on a thematically linked flash fiction story that has been brewing ever since I started this blog, for a competition I blogged about and I am really impressed with the professionalism of the judge. This competition also has an anthology of winners and shortlisted stories. Well worth a read.

So, if my humble offering for this week’s prompt, The Bread of Life, is not wholesome enough for you, is too crumbly, I hope you will understand.

Thank you.



Kelvin M. Knight

Altering the DNA of wheat so the kernels formed a heart in each loaf of bread was miraculous. The impact this new bread had on society was amazing. One bite from these wheat heart loaves filled people with joy. It mattered not if the bread was a French brioche or baguette, whether it was unleavened, Gluten free, an all-American muffin, Irish soda bread – even the German’s heavy Pumpernickel bread induced rejoicing. So much love spread – love for oneself, love for one another – that society, which had been on a knife-edge of annihilation, was saved.

‘Amen,’ sang the scientists.

(100 words)

Thank you to everyone for taking part this week (15/09/17), and reading each other’s stories, and liking, and commenting. You don’t have to be a Friday Fictioneer to read our stories so please don’t be shy, there’s a mix of styles and storylines all inspired by the same photo. To read other aspiring writers’ stories, click the Blue Frog.

Thanks, as ever, to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers so congenially.

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68 thoughts on “The Bread of Life

    1. Well, it was exciting. Chris caused quite a stir in the Tea Rooms on the beach. Some lovely old ladies on the table next to us, when – mid conversation – he just got this huge camera out – said I was a celebrity, then one of the men they were with said it was probably for the Sunday Sport. To which Chris admitted humbly, I do photograph for them. Thanks for your comments, C E, I have never been called a brilliant writer before. 😎


  1. I like your story, I think is has a completeness in the telling of it. And, I think it works at more than one level – such as scientist could alter the DNA of wheat, also it works as a fable, and as expressing a wish many people have to replace aggression with love. Well done.

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  2. That’s a fantastic piece of bread spreading joy and love and all the nice things… but only if it was true, we wouldn’t need any peace committee or fences. A very creative story.
    Thanks for sharing the photo Kelvin. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dang. I was sure I had left my comment…
    Thank you for the wonderful picture and love your story. Oh would that it were true!
    As for participating… you know, one story is more than enough! You usually bring so much so you are definitely allowed to “slack” off 😉

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  4. Aloha Kelvin! Good to see you back. I’m sure the family and other things need your attention more than the blog at this point of time. And that you will return with all the tingling creative juices, ready to set your blog afire.

    Congratulations for the myriad feathers on your cap.

    Your story is so lovely and hopeful. Loved your photo prompt too. It seems to be generating some really fantastic stories.
    Stay well, Kelvin. Happy tidings. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Kelvin,

    I, for one, am relieved to see your name and story on the board. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. 😉 As you can see, your delightful photo has inspired a variety of stories.
    Oh that your story could come true. ❤ Well imagined and nicely written.



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  6. Good to hear from you Kelvin, gives me a wholesome feeling to know you’re reasonably ok, and that your crusty old heart is still looking after your family. Your little story was a slice short, but enough to feed on, and keep those in need alive….

    Liked by 1 person

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