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No Man is an Island

Message from Karen / Josh (What Pegman Saw co-ordinators)

After two weeks in the arctic, and then a visit to a war-torn nation, I figured we all deserved a vacation. Hope you packed your swimsuit and sunscreen! After a few weeks of brutal cold here in the Midwest, I’m more than ready to head to Fiji for real–but Pegman is going to have to make do.

Your mission is to write a 150-word (or less) story, poem, or essay inspired by the location. You can use the photo provided, or you can browse the photospheres and find your own view.

Share your work using the Inlinkz button below. Reading and commenting on others’ stories is part of the fun!



Kelvin M. Knight

Looking out over cerulean waters, he saw nothing, thought nothing, felt nothing, yet he did not feel relaxed.

Or maybe he did?

Focussing on those distant puffs of whiteness, reflected in this motionless ocean, he reflected on himself, his journey thus far, his successes, his failures.

Failures? The palm trees above him seemed to sigh.

He listened for more sounds, concentrated hard. There were none: not even the sound of his own breathing. However, he was not dead. At least, not that he knew.

As the calmness and stillness of this place pressed into him, he became aware of every curve of his body, yet there was no peace within him. Not in this moment. And not in the rest.

The rest which scraped behind him. The rest which rolled before him. While he remained motionless here, in this water, never out of this water. Broken off, yet never apart.

(150 words)

Dear Readers

I am unsure where this story came from. I suppose, at heart, I am not a holidaymaker. Certainly, I have never been abroad, on holiday, in my life. Been all over Great Britain and around the world with work, yes, but never for a break; although, during my time in America I was encouraged to see some sporting sights and that white building when I was in Washington.

I guess my un-holidaymaking gene has played a part, somehow, in my story. But then again maybe it didn’t.





First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

21 thoughts on “No Man is an Island

  1. I like the way we could feel this person’s plight- and sadly – many folks do vacation this way – they have needs or unsettled things and who knows – maybe after leaving this place the character had refreshment unexpected?

    and I read that you have not vacationed ever – well not even day trips to the beach?
    or cycle trips for a day or two – hmmmm?

    anyhow, two favorite parts:

    cerulean water

    distant puffs of whiteness

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  2. I like how you’ve personified the rock. It’s interesting to me–when I looked at that picture it made me wish I could be right there. And yet the rock is right there, and is stuck and dissatisfied. What a clever way to illustrate how things may seem different depending on your perspective…. Excellent!

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    1. I’ve never worked in Europe, James. Although I did once learn Italian because I may have been on secondment to a sister company there…

      I have cycled around France (not the tour de France) although locals though me, my brother and the two ladies we cycled with were part of some kind of peloton.

      Thanks for reading my end of story comment.

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  3. You’ve written this story exceptionally well, Kelvin. You could be describing anyone who isn’t leading an authentic life and is aware of the fact. Low self-esteem (brilliantly captured by the whispering palm trees), the dreariness of the future, the weariness of the past, lead to hopelessness.
    One day perhaps you’ll be able to write about the release from that state of suffering.

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