Her Bleakness

Prompt: Google maps, Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey



Kelvin M. Knight

One minute there was a vagueness about this road, these trees. The next minute there was a weight pressing inside her.

She drove fast to escape these unnerving sensations, music blaring, wailing along in the guitar solos; she even opened the windows and let the wind claw her hair while it roared in her ears. Nothing worked. Now, her only option was to stop dead.

Her tyres squealed. The thin lines of blackness on the tarmac reared up. Jumping out of her car, she scowled at them, then she stared ahead, before glaring into the woods either side of her.

The birdsong faded. The emptiness of this place filled her.

Swaying, she closed her eyes. She wanted to bottle this bleakness, take it home, use it whenever she believed all hope was gone. Holding out her arms, she tried to embrace this hopelessness. Already that fear of being was gone.

(150 words)

There is a road some fifty-three miles NNE of New York City with a strange reputation. This week, Pegman has stranded you there.

Volumes have been written about Clinton Road in West Milford, NJ, but you only need to write one hundred and fifty words. The only limit is your imagination.

Feel free to capture your own streetview. If you’re not up to a weird tale, feel free to wander anywhere within the state of New Jersey for your story.

Once your one hundred and fifty words are polished, you can share with other contributors using the Linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun!

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29 thoughts on “Her Bleakness

  1. You captured her feeling dispair so nicely in your 150-words. I agree with Penny (and she always says things so much better than I can.) May your characters demons be defeated and may the joy-thing return to you in spades. Lish

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  2. I love your take, Kelvin. And, reading your comments to Karen, I truly believe that writing helps one get close to and out of a place of darkness and pain. I know it works for me so keep writing. The joy will return. Plus, you have all of us here to listen. xoxo

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    1. Thank you, Dale. I am glad I truly have all of you to listen to me. So long as I don’t whiter on! Losing ones voice, that is not having it heard, is a painful and sad experience, especially when it goes on and on. Oxo right back at you, my fellow writer/reader.

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  3. She’s confronting her demons to defeat them? That tajes true courage, doesn’t it? Bless her, I hope she makes it back in one piece emotionally and physically. As others have said, a subtly written piece Kelvin

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  4. That’s a very subtle story, Kelvin. You’ve avoided the supernatural in favour of a story about mental health. Your unnamed protagonist, Everywoman, seeks out the bleakest real-life setting she can find. The mythical demons of Clinton Road are her own demons that she carries with her, the cause of her anxiety disorder. She embraces the demons despite her terrors, accepts them without drawing back -and survives. This brings her immediate relief and healing. Great piece of writing!

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  5. Dear Kelvin,

    Intriguing piece that has me wondering why she stopped. I’d be through that stretch of road as fast as my tyres/tires would take me. 😉 Obviously, there’s more here than meets the eye. Well written.



    Liked by 2 people

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