Dear Readers

Sorry for my absence these last couple of months. I have missed this. And thanks for all those FridayFictioneers who sought me out to ensure I was okay.

I am okay.

I am.






Kelvin M. Knight

He was here and he wasn’t here. He was looking into and out of the water. This water devoid of ripples which might make it come alive. He wanted to come alive, like those trees with their fashionable haircuts. Alive like those stone beings with their peculiar torsos and torments.

When he came alive, he would need no hurt; he would drain their pain. For him breathing would be joyful. Joyfulness flowing into him. Joyfulness flowing out of him. Joy revealing these ripples dancing over this water, those ripples pirouetting through that air. Joy spiralling, singing. Joy uniting, everything, forever.

(100 words)

FF-26 Socrates Wall

This story was written in response to the photo prompt provided by Sandra Crook and posted on Rochelle’s blog. Other contributors can be found by clicking the blue froggy.


42 thoughts on “Reflectionary

  1. I was looking for you over at the Sandbox, but did not see you. I have missed your posts, and visits to the Hermitage. I’m very glad to hear you are okay. I’d been MIA for a bit because of the storms, and power outages, and loss of internet. It is good to be back (and btw, this is Fim from Quantum Hermit – I’m using a browser that I only use for google hangouts)… Looking forward to seeing more of your words and pictures!

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  2. As you say, life is both joyful and painful – we hope for the joy but cannot avoid the pain if we are to live full lives. The idea of breathing the joy in is a glorious, meditative one – I loved that. Welcome back Kelvin

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  3. Somehow, Kelvin, I’m suspecting something deeper going on here–especially in light of your disclaimer about being okay. Maybe it’s just the therapist in me being on overactive alert. I’m glad you’re back. That’s a sign of good health, I think.

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  4. Kelvin, from the title, to the very last word, what a beautiful, lyrical, joyful, sad, peaceful, tumultuous piece. I must say, I felt uplifted through most of the story, until I read the word “forever.” May you continue to be okay, and reach over the wall when you’re not. ❤

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    1. Haha, thank you, Jan. I like that reaching over the wall… when I have the strength… Sorry you found my forever down lifting, but I am heartened you were uplifted for the most part. Have a great day. And if you are a Mother, hope you have an extra special Mother’s Day. 😇


  5. Welcome back (we really are happy you are ok) and what a lovely piece to return with.
    There is joy and sadness in this reflective piece.
    But to feel alive there must be a mix of hurt and joy to fully appreciate it.

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    1. Exactly, Dale. Joy and hurt make us feel alive, but when there is one without the other, for long periods, it becomes a tad concerning, especially for those of us who be empathetic and work in a sharing that empathy environment. But your point is taken and hugged. I shall stop any soapbox lecturing…. now. Shalom.

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      1. Oh, of course, Kelvin. We do want balance and hope that when we do find ourselves on the lower side for too long that those who love us come in and help us bring it back up to an even keel.
        No lecture. Just truth.

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    1. Thanks, Rochelle. A lovely bit of Beatlemania I had never heard before. Very Indian in origin. Most of my pieces feature introspection, not just this, which I was actually trying to be rather mysteriously omniscient with. but hey ho. one cannot get it right all the time, and as long as some people read and saw something, experienced something, were entertain for a wee while, my job as a writer is done. Shalom.



  6. I like this story, Kelvin. It has some lovely details. Some lines are enigmatic: for example, “Alive like those stone beings with their peculiar torsos and torments.” You’ve clearly chosen to equate the living nature of the trees with that of stone sculptures, but I shall need to think harder to understand it. I like the two paragraph structure, which suits the content very well. And it probably goes without saying that I’m enthusiastic about your depiction of joy!

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      1. Oh dear… sounds painful… maybe you need one of those self adjust screw things to straighten them out – failing that a few shirts of WD40 (Water Displacement formula 40 – as used in the space shuttle program and never available at most good hardware stores!)

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