A Spiritual Bombing

Prompt: Google maps, Brigantine Beach, Bahamas



Kelvin M. Knight

Connor dived into the peaceful water. He swam strongly, until the bombardment began: explosions surrounding him, showering him with shrapnels of water.

Shrapnel from the acts he’d witnessed on his tour of duty. Acts Connor described as miraculous even though he despised said term. There was that soldier shot in the back of his head, only for the bullet to lodge in the front of his helmet like a tiny horn, leaving the soldier praising God. There was that female medic who, while soldiers dug into the desert with their teeth, she knelt and performed a tracheotomy so the soldier shot in his throat could breathe. Bullets swarmed around her but she survived unscathed.

Gasping, Connor found himself on his beach towel. His prosthetic legs twitched like a dozing dog’s. Water continued exploding around him. He felt the splashes keenly, even though his bronzed skin remained bone dry.


(150 words)

Message from Karen Rawson, What Pegman Saw host:

As I write this, the wind and rain are doing a striking impression of a car wash outside my window, a half a million people on the East coast are still without power (due to a bomb cyclone), and many areas of the UK have seen unprecedented snowfall. So, with many schools on Spring Break, let’s take a wee vacation.

This week Pegman takes us to Abaco, Bahamas. You won’t find much in the way of streetview out in this neck of the Bahamas. Mainly because you won’t find much in the way of streets. You can use the photo provided, or dangle Pegman over the map to find your own slice of paradise.

Your mission is to write 150 words inspired by what you find. Will you treat us to comedy? Tragedy? Sci Fi Slipstream Historical Fiction? Your only limit is your imagination. And of course the previously mentioned 150 words. Once you’ve polished your story-poem-essay, share it with other Pegman contributors using the link up below.

27 thoughts on “A Spiritual Bombing

  1. I know I have a tendency to pick favorite lines from your writing, but I can’t apologize. These – soldiers dug into the desert with their teeth, lodge in the front of his helmet like a tiny horn, His prosthetic legs twitched like a dozing dog’s – are fantastic and help pull your story together and bind it. Kudos!

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  2. Wow! Talk about ambitious! Three heavyweight topics in the same 150 word story, and none of them short-changed!
    You offer insights into PTSD, the nature of religious faith, and the reality of miracles, and you blend them together so cleverly that each theme informs our thinking about the other two. It’s a tour-de-force of flash fiction, Kelvin.
    One little detail that I enjoyed particularly, “His prosthetic legs twitched like a dozing dog’s.” Great observation, there.

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  3. Dear Kelvin,

    And the questions explode like cyclone bombs. Why do some walk through hellfire and come out not even smelling of smoke while others are incinerated. Often they have the same faith? Well pondered and written piece.



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