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My Camera Never Lies

Dear One and All

The following flash fiction story was written in response to Rochelle’s FridayFictioneers photo prompt, posted this week (14/03/18 for Friday 16/03/18) by Ted Strutz. To read other FridayFictioneers stories based on the same prompt, or to join in with the fun, click the la’al Blue Frog below, remembering writing is reading, and commenting on what you think went well and not so well in others’ stories informs your storytelling as well as helping other writers – wheresoever they may be on their writerly journey.





Kelvin M. Knight

Where my camera looks, I look, into the tangle-wood of other’s lives. Snapping their misfortunes, photoshopping their mistrust, airbrushing beauty into their moments of ugliness – this is the life I chose.

My camera never lies, only me. What would I sell if I turned my lens around? A pocketful of patience. A flask of cold forgiveness. A plastic bag of humility, scrunched around my fist.

These things aren’t newsworthy, yet I wrestle with my camera everyday. One day I’ll shine its flash into my eyes. One day I’ll stop being afraid.

But not today. Today the rent is due.

(100 words)

Silence and Hurt.jpg


First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

49 thoughts on “My Camera Never Lies

    1. Group therapy – is that more complicated than lone therapy?! Thanks for commenting. I’ve left a response to your comment over on Dale’s blog. Hope it makes sense. I wasn’t sure what you were trying to say about using up more than my fair share of words in the first line. 😎

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      1. hahah – i was kidding about he group therapy part – partly because some of the depth in your work has almost a therapeutic quality (from your lfie seasoning and obvious lessons learned – and love for people – at least from what i sense)
        and then there are joks (in some circles) about grouo therapy –
        but as a counselor (i used to say former cos it was my job umpteen years ago) but I still counsel on and off – just in a different way.
        and in my experience – many people argue that group therapy is better because the participant learns from others by listening to info they might not ever hear any other way. And we grow by the extras – right?
        Also, some folks are in counseling cos they are a hot mess and may lack empathy and social-mindness (selfish and stuff) and so for them – they might (big might) develop needed skills to help shape them and minimize their unhelpful obsession with self.
        It depends – their are times when private (solo) counsel or therapy is needed – but even then – I think that honest practitioners would agree that solo meetings need periods of pause and the individual needs a lot more for their health. and some studies have shown that the number one takeaway of solo counseling is not necessarily the therapy – but the support system that someone gets.
        not to ramble…
        but in our connected culture – many folks have no safe place to bond, vent, and really share and so for a price they find it via a counselor. I like the counselors and coaches that limit their sessions to maybe 6 in a row – and then give them time to grow. of course it depends.
        and I was totally KIDDING on the line about the word count.

        I will reply more there – but I LOVED it and hope to see more tag teaming.
        seriously, it was a great way to start the piece

        and word count (and other things in life) do not have to be even – and it was richer this way – it had flow and it was my attempt at humor

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  1. A photographer definitely hiding behind his camera – well told, and a great opening into the reader wondering what is s/he is scared of.

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  2. Another excellent story, Kelvin! You describe the MC’s thoughts in beautiful language, and capture his arrogant humility with exquisite details – ‘pocketful of patience’, ‘flask of cold forgiveness’ – those personal qualities that he knows he should possess and fears that he does not.
    I suspect that your MC needs someone else to lovingly turn his camera on him, and tell him ‘You’re okay. You’re great, just as you are.’

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    1. Thanks Rochelle. Glad you liked. They probably don’t question themselves or they may be practiced at performing before their camera or they are just blessed?

      Not everyone is, or that they know, or can accept. 😇




    1. Oh Lish you have made my day, my week, my year. So so kind of you to be so honest. Maybe it is the subtle shift from the abstract to the everyday whilst still having that glimmer of something, that yearning for something more? Who knows. And who cares quite frankly when you receive comments such as these!


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