this, Dear Journal, THIS

Dear One and All

The following flash fiction story was written in response to Rochelle’s FridayFictioneers photo prompt by Bjorn Rudberg, posted this week (21/03/18 for Friday 23/03/18 – yes I know I am a day late!)

To read other FridayFictioneer stories based on the same photo prompt, or to join in with the fun, click the la’al Blue Frog below, remembering writing is reading, and commenting on what you think went well and not so well in others’ stories informs your storytelling as well as helping other writers – wheresoever they may be on their writerly journey.



this, Dear Journal, THIS


Kelvin M. Knight

I can’t stop this. Why can’t I stop this? I want to stop this. I know I need to stop this. I hope I don’t stop this.

Stopping means giving in. Continuing means giving out. And charity’s what life is all about.

Ha ha.

Stopping, starting, giving, taking. Everything is a matter of time.

And timing.

Life is about timing. Making the right decision now. Living with those consequences later. And there will always be consequences. Even when life is good, when things are happy, badness and sadness inevitably creep in, charge in.

But this, THIS, changes all that.


(100 words)


34 thoughts on “this, Dear Journal, THIS

  1. This to me read like a justification for hanging on to a relationship that is doomed from the start, much like an addiction. But it’s brilliant how it could fit into any number of scenarios. Very well done Kelvin

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  2. Life is filled with hard, impossible decisions and it sounds like your writer will have to make some and soon. All you can do is the best at the time and live with what you’ve done – easier said than done sometimes! Sad and true, Kelvin

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  3. Well done, sir! THIS could be so many things to each and every one of us. Sometimes THIS is just the view in front of us, somethings THIS is a situation… I like it.

    BTW… I thought for sure you would have subscribed to the comments on our story so you could see the great feedback we got… 😉

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      1. All good… I know what you mean about trying to catch up! I just finished reading the last FF story. I’m usually done before this!
        I think I have one Pegman to read and then I can finally WRITE! LOL

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      2. I’ve been writing most of the day – managed 780w of this short story which is enveloping me for an annual monster prize competition. About 2000 to go hopefully finished before Good Friday. Sounds selfish But I was on car washing and meal making and emotional support volunteering and training new recruits this weekend.

        Good luck with your writing Dale and in your house hunting and waitressing. 😎

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      3. Good for you! I’m all caught up in the reading department. Well the two prompts anyway. I’m sure you’ll manage it. Not selfish at all….

        Thanks. Things are moving forward by leaps and bounds so I’m enthusiastic that the proper buyer will fall in love with my house. Only then shall I go house-hunting. Would hate to find one that I love only to lose it because the purchase is dependent on the sale of mine… As for the waitressing… only thing I’m looking forward to is the loss of the pounds I regained! Not the sore feet, knees, shoulders… Too old for this sh*t… But will keep it until all the rest is settled – better the devil I know than add the stress of a new job.

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    1. I like the way you are hedging your bets here, Bjorn. When I wrote THIS I was thinking about anybody suffering an addiction who was in denial, but not enough to write the words down. Thanks for read.

      And if you ever want to collaborate, on an article, or a story, it would be a pleasure to participate with you, I am sure.


  4. Goodness! THIS could be so many things and how many times have we wanted to stop something (this) and been unable to, or wanted another thing (this) to carry on forever? And, yes, there will always be consequences. You’ve captured so much in your 100-words.

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