Einar (One Who Fights Alone)

This week What Pegman Saw takes us to Nordragota, Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark | Google Maps.

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Einar (One Who Fights Alone)


Kelvin M. Knight

I am king of these hills. My spear, Ansgar, sings this in battle. My shield, Birger, hums this while I sleep on her, whistles this when rain lashes me as if I am a slave. I am no one’s slave. I am Einar, and every blade of grass bows before me when I squat to empty my bowels. Every cloud shall lower in the sky when great halls overflowing with good cheer surround me.

A lone goat skips over the pile of mist stroked rocks ahead. It’s strangled bleat echoes the pounding in my throat. Hugging Birger, I resume this longest journey.

(102 words)


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