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The following story was written in response to Rochelle’s FridayFictioneers photo prompt. This week’s PHOTO PROMPT © Gah Learner



Kelvin M. Knight

She knew the way. Through this darkness that once was light. This coldness that would burn her. This emptiness which filled her.

Eventually, that misshapen orb of whiteness, hanging, floating. Visceral beauty personified.

Something stirred inside her. That moon reached out. She plummeted, drifted, then rose and fell. Forgotten breaths deep inside her.

Her mind opened. Three flopped out. A trio of white dots lost to this blackness. Hers. Theirs. Streaks of bouncing greyness. They crackled. They hissed. This language they spoke she forgot lifetimes ago.

Their excitement bubbled. Their wonder expanded. These auras engulfed her as she had them.

(100 words)

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First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

52 thoughts on “EXPLORERS

  1. This felt similar, to me, to some American Indian narratives about the birth of the world, the universe, stars and moons and all the spirits they invoke. Native Americans handed their stories down from one generation to another, believing in Power and magic and the importance of dreams. Your post could easily fit into that world.

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  2. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but love the ethereal, floaty quality to this. She is flying through space and then, ‘These auras engulfed her as she had them,’ which I’m still working out whether is good or bad.

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  3. I’m always blown away by Penny’s insight. Sometimes I’ll read a story, then read HER comment, reread the story and go… well now that she mentioned it…
    This is how I felt with this one. I loved the descriptions and while I am not sophisticated enough to read deep into it, still enjoyed the surrealism of it

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  4. You write this, as you often do, in short, often incomplete, sentences, each one of which gives a vivid image. The succession of images builds up a sort of narrative that can be understood in many different ways. My favourite reading of this story is that it is about birth, but it may also be about authorship, or indeed many other things.

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    1. I read once or twice that Stephen King calls those incomplete sentences frags. Maybe he would call those types of flash stories I write Frag Fiction. That is assuming he had the time to read little old me. Hope you don’t think I am showing off with authorship I am just trying to find a different slant / style for these types of stories. I liked that your saw my story in scenes which build up. I do tend to see pictures along with words…

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