Update on 17/09/18

My story was published in the Carrot Ranch collection for this photo prompt – see Part II – 1st story.  Many thanks to Charli and all the ranch leaders and all who took part. What an epic collection of 99 word flash fiction.

This weeks flash fiction challenge over at the Carrot Ranch is to write about an epic workplace – real or imagined – in ninety-nine words exactly.

AN EPIC WORKPLACE working-template-for-ff-challenges591.png

I hope you enjoy this, my second bite at the cherry.



Kelvin M. Knight

Briefcase in hand, I kiss my wife at the patio door. ‘See you tonight.’

‘Have a great day at work, darling.’

A short stride across our lawn and I am here, where everything’s clean and pine fresh. Varnish shines the floor. An uncluttered desk smiles. There are no pictures, no ornaments. This empty space. This creative space.

Free even from books, those to be read and those to be filled – my precious notebooks.

Relaxing in my chair, I open my briefcase, remove my laptop. Tranquility washes over me. Nodding, I let this blank screen write its story upon me.

(99 words)


11 thoughts on “MY LOG CABIN

  1. Hi Kelvin, I’m just home, It’s been a hard 9 hour day for me, plus a 40 minute trip either end. Now 6.45pm already, and i’m cooking up some curried sausages, with some rice. Here I am reading your short story while my dinner is bubbling away. I’m letting my tired mind absorb your words, from your gifted writers screen pour all over me and relax me. …. And now It’s time to pour myself a glass of red wine. Cheers, my friend


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