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I am munching my way through an anthology, LIFE in a FLASH by Geoff Le Pard (one of the Carrot Ranch Literary Community’s leaders), and I was compelled to pause after reading Geoff’s flash fiction story Happy Place (at 32% – can you tell I am reading the Kindle edition?!). I paused for several reasons. To reflect on the subtleties and nuances of Geoff’s story, and because this was the fourth or fifth in two days when happy places (and Unicorns) had been brought up in conversations I’d had or things I’d read or been shown. Needless to say, the following story of mine just flowed.

I hope, as always, you enjoy my words and storytelling (showing), and it would be lovely if they inspire you to write a story about your Happy Place.




Kelvin M. Knight

There’s somewhere I go where the rain doesn’t shine and the sun doesn’t snow. A place where rainbows ripple then fan the sky with colours whose names I do not know but I do know they bring music to my ears.

A song begins, heavenly sounds that make my soul skip, make these unicorns far far away tip, their amazing horns towards me.

Lightning arcs and this circle of friends spark into life around me. Past, present and future friends. Ones I never knew. Friendships I never grew. An ever expanding crowd of them surrounding me, connecting with me, willingly supporting and encouraging me, allowing me to be me as I connect and gladly support and encourage them.

Now I feel set free, whereupon these friends and those unicorns merge into one, someone who raises his head and spreads His arms wide; welcomes me home to myself. My true and authentic self. Once and forever.

(155 words)


First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

11 thoughts on “THIS HAPPY PLACE

  1. delightful.
    and brought a smile
    (oh and I have seen happy places and unicorns for weeks now – so fist bump – and when we pull the fist bump back it will leave colors in the air – hah)

    Liked by 1 person

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