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FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories

My first collection of flash fiction stories – FAITH in a FLASH – is now available in Kindle format.

Here’s what readers are already saying:

I do not think there is anything else like this anthology. Varied and wide-ranging stories and characters yet all drawn together by faith.

The author has poured his heart and soul into these glimpses of faith.

I love it! [Joyfulness: These Bells and Shadows: Those Bells] So very true, the two sides to the Christian faith and church goers. Both are apt and totally believable! Nicely done giving us two stories for the price of one.

If your (character’s) camera snapped a photo of your prose, it would need no airbrushing to be beautiful. [Flagstones: My Camera Never Lies]

I never tire of reading this [Hope: The Bread of Life] and recalling the randomness of its inspiration.

‘Empty of ego yet full of grace.’ and ‘Gone is flesh. Gone is bone. These lights lead the way home.’ What poetic and memorable phrases! [Flagstones: Cloistering]

I do think this story is excellent – this story in 100 words about oneness, which got me thinking that after we die we cease to be separate individuals, and we are happier when alive if we try not to be separate. [Soulfulness: A Snowflake’s Moment]


First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

13 thoughts on “FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories

      1. I’m sure I will!

        The other day I came across away to link to amazon that would send users to their correct store. I wish I could remember where and how to do it. Seems a handy thing to know.

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      2. You star ⭐️ I was gonna look after finishing my WPS story for this week. We’re fast approaching that time my wife and I always sit down with a glass of something and watch a film or other. Don’t know where today has gone. 🤔

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