Kelvin M. Knight

There was something about lightning. Such rawness. Such energy. Clarrisa loved the way zigzagging lines straightened as they crackled across Radium Springs.

There was hissing, and bubbling, then bellyfuls of ghostly steam consumed these glowing banks. She chuckled. She felt giddy. Another bolt of lightning fried the waters. Twice. In the same spot. What were the odds?

The hairs on her head rose. Feeling that telltale tingling, she danced in rivers of blue-tinged grass, clutching her camera like a lover.

The third bolt ripped open the heavens. Snapping the moment, she threw back her head and wept then laughed hysterically.

(100 words)

WPS20190119 Lightning Over Radium Springs by Fred Wasmer.jpg

Lightning Over Radium Springs, photographed by Fred Wasmer

The above story was written in response to the What Pegman Saw prompt, which this week took us to:

Radium Springs, GA

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inlinkz frog


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