FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories

Here are some recently published reviews for my first collection of flash fiction stories:

“Faith in a Flash” is a series of short, 100 word sketches / stories / meditations on what it can feel like to be a Christian in different situations of life. They are fascinating, uplifting, thought-provoking. Highly recommended. Look for it on Amazon. Price £1.99

Cumbrian Cursillo Easter Magazine.

FinaF The Way April 2019.jpg

From page 15 of The Way, the Diocese of Carlisle’s Easter 2019 Newspaper

Faith lives. Faith breathes. Faith can be not quite what it seems.

Faith. It touches the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, those people with everything, those people with nothing. Some people are born into faith, others die devoid of faith. Some people live their lives with an abundance of faith, others barely have a pinch of faith. Some people spread their faith willingly. Some people hug their faith closely and never think to share it with anyone else. Some people’s faith flourishes. Some people’s faith is strangled by weeds.

The stories in this collection contain characters like these, as well as others. The one hundred and fifty-one flash fiction stories in this collection are split across fifteen themed chapters: Flagstones; Charity; Humility; Forgiveness; Holy Spirit; Facing Fear; Love In Adversity; Glorifying God; Joyfulness; Shadows; Darkness; Prayerfulness; Peacefulness; Hope and Soulfulness.

FAITH in a FLASH is available as an eBook by following any of these links: Apple Books format ; Kindle format (UK) ; Kindle format (USA).

If you have any problem locating FAITH in a FLASH, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here’s what readers are saying:

I do not think there is anything else like this anthology. Varied and wide-ranging stories and characters yet all drawn together by faith.

The author has poured his heart and soul into these glimpses of faith.

I love it! [Joyfulness: These Bells and Shadows: Those Bells] So very true, the two sides to the Christian faith and church goers. Both are apt and totally believable! Nicely done giving us two stories for the price of one.

If your (character’s) camera snapped a photo of your prose, it would need no airbrushing to be beautiful. [Flagstones: My Camera Never Lies]

I never tire of reading this [Hope: The Bread of Life] and recalling the randomness of its inspiration.

‘Empty of ego yet full of grace.’ and ‘Gone is flesh. Gone is bone. These lights lead the way home.’ What poetic and memorable phrases! [Flagstones: Cloistering]

I do think this story is excellent – this story in 100 words about oneness, which got me thinking that after we die we cease to be separate individuals, and we are happier when alive if we try not to be separate. [Soulfulness: A Snowflake’s Moment]


9 thoughts on “FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories

  1. Hi Kelvin,

    Just found your blog in my WP Reader searching for “Christian Flash Fiction.” I will have to check out your book. I write about faith and fiction on my site, and would love to connect with you and other faith writers on WordPress. I’m actually looking for other Christian writers of flash and thinking about hosting some prompts on my blog. Good meeting you!



  2. Hi Kelvin, I’m finally home and have downloaded Faith in a Flash, I’m looking forward to reading it. I don’t like connecting my kindle to other networks as it’s has always then had problems reconnecting at home, so I only download at home. By the way, Robbie says Hi and I LOVED the Bishop’s house chapel where I stayed and prayed for half an hour. It was a beautiful clear blue sky day on Iona so I felt incredibly blessed, especially when I found out I could hire a bike and ditch the rucksack for 2 hours. So lovely to meet on the Cursillo. I will blog soon more about it but have come home to a bit of crisis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sheila, glad you arrived home safely. And that you have downloaded my book. I hope you enjoy the stories. I hope your shoulder is healing, and am sorry I forgot to mention about the bikes for hire on Iona to rest your shoulder. Most remiss of me!! I hope you got to Iona Abbey as well as Bishop’s house chapel which is something rather special. Blue skies on Iona are indeed a blessing, as are the rainbows when they fill the sky there. I am really glad we met on Cumbria Cursillo 38. Sorry if I did not converse with you as much as others. I enjoyed serving you and the other pilgrims and am so glad your felt the Spirit on that long weekend. They are always special times cherished in our hearts long after the weekend is over. Sorry about your returning to home crisis, but I am so glad you have had a spiritually refreshing break these last few weeks. Sooooo important for the wonderful work you do. 😇


      1. Well there is a time to hide or just get a huge pause from blog land – in fact I think people need to make sure they do it –
        It helps in so many ways – like a threshold thing- for example / if we fast from food – and then flavors are stronger – ya know?

        And good idea for a book – I will be back to let you know what I think
        – peace

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