FAITH in a FLASH – Recent Reviews

Review by Reverend Sheila Bridge (June 2019) – For me, Kelvin’s writing is a place where prose, poetry and faith seem to meet.

Review by Lisa over on CultureVultureExpress

Faith in a Flash (2018) by Kelvin M. Knight is a great collection of short stories relating to the themes of faith and religion.

In the book, which is split into fifteen different sections, Knight looks at these topics in a very human way which was cool and fresh to see as these topics are very often dealt with in an abstract, philosophical way. So I really liked that. While I’m now part of the faithless, I grow up in a religious background so many of the characters and the rituals are familiar to me. Knight has written a collection very true to life here.

It is no easy job to pack a lot into so few words but it is done quite effortlessly here by the author. The reader gets to know the characters quite well in each piece. There is characters at various different stages of their faith journeys but they all share one common trait: learning how to better their faith and how to better themselves as people. The latter is something any reader can relate to and strive for regardless of religious identity. The writing is simply gorgeous. It is edited to perfection and each piece paints a vivid image. This collection is a great read. It is a very truthful read that doesn’t ram religion down the reader’s throat but simply wants to tell the stories of those with faith without making readers without faith feel bad for not believing. Many preachers could take note of that. The book shows both the wonderful things about religion and also it’s flaws in a very well-crafted selection of stories.

This book is very much for everyone at any stage of the faith spectrum or outside it. Reading is about taking yourself out of your own life and looking at other peoples’ lives with an open mind and most importantly an open heart. This is a wonderful book and I’m sure you will not regret purchasing it whether you are faithful or faithless. The character portrayals are stunning and reading about both them and their faith journeys is a pure joy.

Faith in a Flash – Stories With Christian Themes – See page 15 of The Way, the Diocese of Carlisle’s Easter 2019 Newspaper

“Faith in a Flash” is a series of short, 100 word sketches / stories / meditations on what it can feel like to be a Christian in different situations of life. They are fascinating, uplifting, thought-provoking. Highly recommended. Look for it on Amazon. Price £1.99

Cumbrian Cursillo Easter Magazine.

The following review of FAITH in a FLASH is from Amazon by Ellie.TO ADD TO MY BLOG - 25-04-19.png

Here’s what more readers are saying about FAITH in a FLASH:

I do not think there is anything else like this anthology. Varied and wide-ranging stories and characters yet all drawn together by faith.

The author has poured his heart and soul into these glimpses of faith.

I love it! [Joyfulness: These Bells and Shadows: Those Bells] So very true, the two sides to the Christian faith and church goers. Both are apt and totally believable! Nicely done giving us two stories for the price of one.

If your (character’s) camera snapped a photo of your prose, it would need no airbrushing to be beautiful. [Flagstones: My Camera Never Lies]

I never tire of reading this [Hope: The Bread of Life] and recalling the randomness of its inspiration.

‘Empty of ego yet full of grace.’ and ‘Gone is flesh. Gone is bone. These lights lead the way home.’ What poetic and memorable phrases! [Flagstones: Cloistering]

I do think this story is excellent – this story in 100 words about oneness, which got me thinking that after we die we cease to be separate individuals, and we are happier when alive if we try not to be separate. [Soulfulness: A Snowflake’s Moment]


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