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The Ganges

Picture by James Arthur from Google


© Kelvin M. Knight, 2019

He stood at the top of the ghats looking down. Crowds pushed and shoved one another down these steps. Everyone was bathed in orange glows. Earlier that evening they’d been bathed in incense.

He knew what the attraction was, knew why it was vital for these men and women of all ages to get to the riverside and bathe. He knew. He understood. He just didn’t feel anything. He’d been holidaying in Varanasi for years, ever since his partner passed away at the breakfast table. Everything since that fateful day had been dreamy, dislocated.

Even this.

This thrumming of humanity. This rippling religious river. He should move, go down one step at least. He should. He heaved his camera up instead, aimed it at the middle of the Ganges. Orange ripples turned black. And, there, the reflection of a tiger. He gasped. He felt tearful. Tigers were Adrian’s favourite animal.

(150 words)

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The above story was written in response to the What Pegman Saw prompt, which this week took us to:

Varanasi, India

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First and foremost I am a reader, then a storyteller. My reading tastes are eclectic. My writing can focus around the intimacy of closed settings and may tend towards characters who might be hiding something from themselves.

15 thoughts on “The Ganges

  1. I so like the images chosen. And the tale to go with it. And, of course, the ghats alongside the Ganges is the site of the Hindu cremations, so an apt place for him to see the tiger reflections

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  2. Very believable and touching; you portray that numbness of grief well, that sense of not being able to get into activities even when everyone around you is moved by them. I like how this is a turning point for him, seeing the tiger; it feels like the first step back up out of the dark well.

    Liked by 2 people

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