Back After A Short Break

Well, okay, not such a short break, nearly a three year break. Breaks are good. The number three is good.

One… two… three… I am tentatively dipping my toes back in the blogosphere now. Thank you to Linda, aka SpiritualDragonfly, for the offline nudge to try and find my voice again. Losing one’s voice isn’t nice. It is something I was wary of when I began my listening journey seven years ago. It finally caught up with me during the global pandemic we have all struggled through, suffering together, suffering alone, and wondering why… WHY… W-H-Y!

I have been writing throughout the pandemic, trying different styles, subjects and viewpoints – writing about what I know and, more importantly, growing into what I don’t know – and a couple of my stories have been good enough to be published by those wonderful peeps over at The Drabble. Please do visit their excellent site. You will find some great flash fiction stories over there. I promise.

I have been doing a fair bit of cycling this year, too. I joined a cycling challenge officiated by Cycling Weekly to cycle 5000 miles in a year. I undertook this challenge to help boost my physical fitness, my mental health and raise money for charity. A win, win, win. You can read about my progress here.

Surprise, surprise, the anthology of flash fiction I am currently working on, tentatively called “A Cyclist’s Journey”, involves bicycles.

Here’s a taster…


© Kelvin M. Knight, 2022

His earliest memory was of a trike with the pedals connected directly to the front wheel. Oh how he cycled twenty to the dozen on the lawn and barely moved a foot. He never gave up though. While his brothers took their feet off their trike’s pedals and galloped forward, he span his pedals faster and faster. When his brothers crossed the finish line on the other side of Grandad’s garden, he persevered with his pedalling. He would get there. His brothers might claim he was last, but he knew he was first to cross the finish line without cheating.


15 thoughts on “Back After A Short Break

  1. Welcome back !
    Your latest project (A Cyclist’s Journey”) sounds really awesome K.
    I have a few projects but paused most in June of this year. I still write every day and might start working on a project this month ….
    And thanks for the smile with the little snippet – crossing the finish line with integrity means so much –

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    1. I hope your June pausing has helped your projects Yvette. I am glad you are still writing every day. I look forward to reading… Savouring your project when it reaches fruition… Or before if that is what’s needed.

      Glad I brought a smile to your face. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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