FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories

DESCRIPTION (In a Flash…) Faith lives. Faith breathes. Faith can be not quite what it seems. Faith. It touches the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, those people with everything, those people with nothing. Some people are born into faith, others die devoid of faith. Some people … Continue reading FAITH in a FLASH – my first collection of flash fiction stories



  BLOG INTRO Last night I began reading a new short story collection, one by an author whose flash fiction I have thoroughly enjoyed this year. The seven stories from Ellie Scott’s “Merry Bloody Christmas” that I read last night before going to sleep had a profound effect on me this morning. When I woke, … Continue reading FACING THE MORNING

Harvest Festival – An Alternative Viewpoint

Yesterday, I was cordially invited to a Men’s Breakfast at Saint Bees Priory led by Simon Walker. Many things were discussed, about bumper harvests and feeding the poor, and being better stewards of this planet God gave us by being more environmentally friendly by using less/no plastics and trying to be more self sufficient. Then, … Continue reading Harvest Festival – An Alternative Viewpoint