PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Dear Readers This is my first public attempt at FridayFictioneers style story for a wee while - although  I have been looking, reading, writing and dropping the odd comment on others' stories ( those of you whose style I have liked enough to follow your blogs). I hope I am … Continue reading WINGS in the WATER


Chaos’ Call

There is something about this picture that intrigued me yesterday and two stories formed, slowly, throughout the day. The first story I called OUTSIDE IN, where my narrator was drawn into this building; my second story, INSIDE OUT, followed my narrator arriving inside this building and stepping outside… Both stories were written on my phone, … Continue reading Chaos’ Call

A Thin Place

A THIN PLACE by Kelvin M. Knight Standing here, statuesque, he still couldn’t believe it. Three weeks ago, rushed to not one, but two, hospitals. His first time in an ambulance. His first time overnight in a hospital. His first time here: sandwiched between two dull mountains, experiencing this amazingly colourful valley. This thin place. … Continue reading A Thin Place