Faith in a Flash By Kelvin M. Knight Review!

Another review of my first collection of flash fiction stories – Faith in a Flash, by Lisa on her blog. Thank you, Lisa. Thank you kindly.


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Faith in a Flash (2018) by Kelvin M. Knight is a great collection of short stories relating to the themes of faith and religion.

In the book, which is split into fifteen different sections, Knight looks at these topics in a very human way which was cool and fresh to see as these topics are very often dealt with in an abstract, philosophical way. So I really liked that. While I’m now part of the faithless, I grow up in a religious background so many of the characters and the rituals are familiar to me. Knight has written a collection very true to life here.

It is no easy job to pack a lot into so few words but it is done quite effortlessly here by the author. The reader gets to know the characters quite well in each piece. There is characters at various different stages of their faith…

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