Shadows and Sunlight

Prompt: Google maps - The Archbishop's Seminar SHADOWS AND SUNLIGHT by Kelvin M. Knight   Half in sunlight; half in shadow. This was my life. Shadows were good for revealing, sunlight for concealing. These humans thought differently which was fine; I wasn’t here to teach or guide them, and I certainly wasn’t here to be … Continue reading Shadows and Sunlight


Carly’s Call

Prompt: Google maps, Gurara Waterfalls, Nigeria CARLY'S CALL by Kelvin M. Knight There was a rawness to this waterfall, a rawness of power yet a purity of purpose. This occurred to Carly as she stood here, statuesque. To flow, to flow regardless, to continue flowing, sweeping everything aside, sweeping everything along, effortlessly, irrespective of the … Continue reading Carly’s Call