All Ways

This week Pegman takes us to Melbourne, Australia. (Photo courtesy of Mark Gaier). Thank you for such a scenic and relaxing location, Karen. This week I've been tinkering with viewpoints, especially the unreliable narrator part of a first person viewpoint. Hope the one I've used in the following story provides the correct psychic distance. Take … Continue reading All Ways


Dances With Books

This week What Pegman Saw takes us to the library in the Peabody Institute, Baltimore. Picture above courtesy of GoogleMaps. When I looked at this library, with all these books, I couldn't resist writing a second story for WhatPegmanSaw this week. I hope you don't mind, dear readers. I think my inspiration for this story … Continue reading Dances With Books

Chaos’ Call

There is something about this picture that intrigued me yesterday and two stories formed, slowly, throughout the day. The first story I called OUTSIDE IN, where my narrator was drawn into this building; my second story, INSIDE OUT, followed my narrator arriving inside this building and stepping outside… Both stories were written on my phone, … Continue reading Chaos’ Call